11 Powerful WordPress Forms Plugins

Lead generation tools are essential for capturing your audience’s interest and contact information. Searching for the right that best meets your need for your business can help it scale faster, make vital contacts, and discover new opportunities. We will discuss the world’s leading WordPress lead generation plugins to increase sales by turning visitors into customers.…

Lead generation tools are essential for capturing your audience’s interest and contact information. Searching for the right that best meets your need for your business can help it scale faster, make vital contacts, and discover new opportunities.

We will discuss the world’s leading WordPress lead generation plugins to increase sales by turning visitors into customers.

3 W’s (What, Why and When) Elaborating Lead Generation

In the world of marketing, lead generation refers to collecting information from your visitors so you can turn them into loyal buyers.

For online businesses, lead generation plays an important role. It plays an impactful aspect in converting leads to customers. Initially, business combat to get leads.

Lead generation cannot be ignored even if you are the owner of a nonprofit organization. It generates benefits for more support for you.

Our intention to provide these amazing WordPress lead generation plugins is to facilitate you in increasing business and have growth agilely.

We are targeting lead generation by integrating. The main purpose is not only to show the list of plugins having the same functions.

For every lead generation kind, a professional pick is provided with an additional option for each division. This would support us to list overall lead generations without causing any extra effort.

Let’s look into the best lead generation plugins for WordPress.

1. WPForms

The best choice for the contact form plugin available in the market is WPForms. This enables countless website owners to design or arrange any type of form for their WordPress site available online.

Multiple pre-built templates are preferred or can be used as a starting point. It acts as a foundation, and then you can create content matching your needs with additional benefits of drag and drop from the builder interface.

Our most used template is;

  • Forms used newsletter signup
  • Questionnaire forms for events
  • Applying for a quote form
  • Content planning form
  • Signing up as a personal trainer
  • Form for a contest entry

Online Form Builder can enable in your email list as WPForms blend with popular email marketing services and CRM.

You will be notified automatically through an email whenever a form is submitted. You always have an option of turning off the notifications of emails if you get bothered by them. Each form will be kept safe by WPForms in your WordPress database also.

Additional benefits are provided, like sending the form notification to more than one source. It is only possible if you are using WPForms. If you want to notify a specific person in a customer inquiry, it can be sent to all the team at the back desk.


  • $39.50/ year is the set pricing for WPForms
  • There is the availability of a free version of the plugin, but you are not able to access all the features in it


The best alternative for WPForms would be Formidable Forms having a worth of $49.36/year. It is created with powerful tools that benefit in creating all kinds of different forms like lead calculators.

2. OptinMonster

One of the most capable lead generation software which can be used on a WordPress site. It enables multiple functions like modifying popups and signup forms for emails that support you in discarding website visitors into subscribers and users.

It is built-in with features like Exit-Intent technology and other appropriate specifications. It indicates the exact time when anyone is leaving your site through a popup. Additional popup options are available for use.

Exceptional popups like spin the wheel are available with this software. It helps in boosting the conversion rate.

Multiple benefits, like built-in templates, are available in the app. This helps in creating a form easily using the drag and drop builder. Leads are generated in different ways with OptinMonster.

Email leads are not the only option available. For a change, a popup with a click to call can also be created. It can be used to display special discount codes and other availabilities.


  • OptinMonster prices which you can avail on annual fee at a rate of $9/month
  • For additional and advanced partner features, customers are charged with $49/month


A software named Thrive Leads is the best option in the absence of OptinMonster. It provides a vast range of lead generation forms and the ability to use drag and drop builder.

3. ChatBot

This software facilitates you to have a live chat to get connected with loyal customers. Artificial intelligence enables you to answer the customers anytime.

For the convince, a lot of built-in support templates are provided. An example would be the use of a lead generation bot for book calling. You can see the products from the chat window if you have a sales bot template.

ChatBot has the option to be used through Facebook messenger and website both. It facilitates you and provides you with an implacable option to get inquiries for different companies and organizations on Facebook.

It is easy to interact with the customer directly as the availability of live chat is available, making life easy.


Pocket friendly pricing with a 14 days’ free trial and a total of $50/ month.


It’s a powerful and useful software that expands your businesses as it connects with ChatBot with live chat. Serves with the worth of $499/month.

4. LiveChat

This software is extremely easy to startup as LiveChat is a favorite and liked by most live chat software.

The most unique and different thing about this software is that any visitor on the website can customize chat with your team in real-time by just clicking a button built-in on the website’s right-hand corner.

Another benefit, especially for the support team, is that it is not compulsory to be login into WordPress every time to talk to a customer. In fact, the team can use the mobile device application, which is much easier to use.

Suppose no team member is available and a visitor contact after working hours or at odd times. A support ticket will be created instantly by LiveChat to notify the representative of the team.

This software is user-friendly from both sides to the visitors as well as the support team. It enables the visitors to contact the team member quickly and without any issue, which helps in problem-solving more quickly if there is any.


LiveChat pricing for big and small companies, an annual fee of $16/month; additionally, it provides the users with a 14 days free trial. Coupons can be a lifesaver sometimes. If you have the coupons, the trial days would be extended to a month with 30% on the cost.


Software available as an alternative that facilitates live chat features on the website, emails, and SMS is known as Sendinblue.

5. OneSignal

Web Push notifications can be added to your WordPress site with the built-in ability of OneSignal. Team members are always notified on desktop as well as on mobile devices. This leads and enables a visitor to be a serious follower and customer as the visitor is being listened to.

Creating a notification is not a difficult task with this software. As the only step, you need to complete is by creating an account and installing the WordPress plugin. You can make sure about the exact time of notification along with how push notifications are being shown.


  • Software’s are mostly pocket friendly in the case of OneSignal it has free plans for subscribers and more than 25,000 desktops and countless mobiles
  • It costs starting from $9 per month if you are looking for advanced features in case you are searching for nominal price up to customized packages


The best option in place of OneSignal is Push Engage, which costs $29/month and about 5,000 subscribers.

6. WP Call Button

The magic this software holds is just a click away as it allows the user to easily add the “click to call” button on the website, and the visitor is just a click away from the usage.

Customer satisfaction is the foundation for everything but customer satisfaction and self-benefit both at the same time is a bit difficult. This software enables both at the same time. If the customer wants to confirm anything before buying or booking an appointment, it will benefit not only the customer but also yourself as it will increase your leads/sales.

With WP’s help, the call button is very effortless to add call buttons on posts and pages. The button can be included in the sidebar. It is user-friendly to create and use the call button so it can always stay striking.


It is user-friendly and totally free.


WordPress allows you to create a click to call link.

7. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Subscribe to comments reloaded enables the visitors to comment.

It’s an amazing benefit for you if the website has much communication through comments. This plugin not only benefits in message notification but also helps to improve products and brand awareness.

Subscription to comments has made it effortless for users to govern it. They can easily subscribe and unsubscribe from comments on specific posts and all the comments if they desire to do so.

Click a link that can be used for the email notification according to the requirements of the customers.


It is user-friendly and pocket friendly also, which indicates that it is free of cost.


The best and easy replacement if needed for this software is Lightweight Subscribe to Comments and the bonus is that it is also totally free and fast. It’s working is easy as it works straight out of the box.

8. MonsterInsights

It is a unique and affiliate link tracking way to add google analytics to the WordPress website. It enables us to see all the statistics about our site.

This will benefit us, considering that knowing about the real-time statistic will help us know what area has room for improvement and needs attention.

Track link clicks and button clicks also made it easy for us to see and monitor our site’s reach through MonsterInsights. Due to button clicks, we would be well aware and well informed about our site.

MonsterInsights is a software that works on the statistics of the website. This software gives you real stats and tells about the website’s static, for example, how many downloads are done. MonsterInsight is monitoring all these numbers.


They charge yearly price at the rate of $99.50, providing the free versions with limited features also.


ExactMetrics provides the same service at the same rates as the yearly charge, so there is no monthly payments stress.

9. All in One SEO

All in One SEO is one of the strongest search engine optimization plugins for WordPress. It generates your website adequately, which enables your website to have a higher rank among the search engines.

The beginners initially feel that SEO is tough to handle or is too complicated, but in reality, all in one SEO is easy to use because of its advanced setting and facility of on-page optimization. You can always add elements like Meta tikes and add the description on pages if needed.

Some advanced and unique add-up in All in One SEO is that it can automatically add social media data to your site. All in One SEO, it is obvious to connect the website with tools like Google Search Console.

Additionally, you are provided with a lot of stuff and tutorials that can guide you by using All in One SEO. You can always ask the support team as they are available to answer your questions.


The good news here is that you don’t have to pay monthly, in fact. All in One SEO takes the prices on an annual basis, which is $39.60/year.

The free version is also available with some basic functions only for more advanced functions and powerful features you have to pay annually.


The software named Yoast SEO is a notable alternative as it has a lot of similar features. The only difference is in price, which is about $69/year.

10. Pipedrive

If you need software for CRM or sales pipeline management tool for teams that are not so big and vary in small to medium, you must purchase Pipedrive.

Pipedrive leads in an amazing way, which always had a great impact and overview of sales, insights and reports.

Mobile apps and integration is always available for the customers so that if they have any issue or difficulty while using it or any other problem with the software, they are just a call away from the help desk.

The most amazing thing about the Pipedrive team is that it is easy to reach out and help so well that customer satisfaction is their main motto; that’s why they are an award-winning customer support team.


Pipedrive is totally free for initial use as it has a free trial for a few days. Then charges depend on your use like if you want to have more contacts and branded emails, the price will increase gradually, starting from $9.90/ month to 79.00/ user in a month depending on the user.


Copper is the best alternative for this software, having a lot of common features as Pipedrive.

11. TripleSeat

TripleSeat is mostly used for event management solutions like restaurants, hotels, and other venues, and it is designed basically for the event planning process.

SmartDocs are enabled within the software so that it facilitates generating and managing events on time.

To-do lists help maintain the list of work that needs to be done and done, maintaining the record of everything. It provides you with all the elements which are required for event management.

Some other benefits include an option for document storage, which must remember what needs to be done.


The price for this software depends on your subscription. It can vary from person to person according to the use and subscription.


Planning Pod is the most relevant and related alternative available.


We have a firm belief that multiple plugins are required to have a robust lead generation on your website. It has multiple options and availability in the market now, and the same way budget is not an issue anymore as most of the software has a free trial for certain days, which helps you know if it fulfills your demands.

WPForms is one of the best lead generation plugins for WordPress, enabling you to create your own type of forms also if you need. Like it has a wide range and availability for the customer to use it as it is very user-friendly and pocket friendly. You can get two benefits from one thing.

Other options are also available for you as a customer. Just make sure to be fully aware of the software’s specifications and personal usage.

LiveChat can be suggested to those who prefer direct communication.

Having many options for all kinds of people keeping in mind their requirements, a software list is provided. You need to select one according to your requirement and needs.

Be aware of your required software and be aware of everything related to it, like the facilities it has and price and a what-if option so that you have an alternative.

With that said, WPForms is the best lead generation plugin for WordPress. You can use their drag & drop form builder to create an online form.