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Our courses, workshops and hands-on consulting have helped tens of thousands of professionals leapfrog their competition, launch AI-powered products and integrate AI into their existing business workflows.

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20 years of startup and software experience.

AI is new, but we’ve been in tech since the dawn of the web – building, teaching, buying, selling, and now creating the world’s best AI education for you.

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Rob Howard

Software Developer and Tech Educator

Rob is a software developer, entrepreneur and the founder of Innovating with AI. Based in Denver, he runs HDC, a web development firm whose software powers sites for Facebook and Intel.

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For business owners and execs – work directly with Rob and our dev team to craft your AI solutions.

“Super helpful and eye-opening.”

“From the outside I always think solutions like what we’re learning will be complicated to implement – but I love how you broke it down into easily understandable context and also explained all the jargon as you went a long. That’s super helpful in learning – and also in keeping the imposter syndrome away.”

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Daniel S.

Digital Project Manager and
Innovating with AI student

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