Understrap Testimonials

Our essential theme framework for building lean and performant WordPress sites.

We have used Understap on dozens of big name sites and it always delivers. Super versatile and includes fantastic developer tooling out of the box, perfect for agency teams that need to consistent processes.

With an active community on Github to boot, you can be confident Understap will be a robust part of your tech stack.

Elliot Taylor


The Understrap Theme has been brilliant to work with, it’s quick and the file structure is easy to understand.

We have used this for a few WordPress projects and it’s worked perfectly well. No complaints from me.

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Mohammad Javed


The Understrap theme has changed the way I build custom websites. The speed at which I can develop has increased exponentially.

The fact that the entire build process has been integrated directly into the child theme is just brilliant. I am a huge performance nut, and this theme is blazing fast from the get-go.

The combination of a Gulp build process, Bootstrap and FontAwesome integration, with lean code, is just right.

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Zach Miller

Superfein Design

Understrap is a theme framework a few steps above the Underscores starter theme.

It uses Underscores as a foundation and adds the Bootstrap 4 Grid framework to simplify the process of designing and creating CSS styles.

It’s also a child-ready parent theme.

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Mark Zahra

WP Mayor

All my agency websites are based on Understrap.

When you have to run a team, frameworks are indispensable. Understrap, a theme with Bootstrap and Font Awesome, and very well structured, was love at first-sight.

Thank you for creating and sharing this awesome theme.

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Pantanal Digital Logo

Luiz Lopes

Pantanal Digital

Our developer uses Understrap when we want to quickly test a new product idea or event type.

Since switching to Understrap, we save both time and money with these launches.

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Tasia Duske Photo

Tasia Duske

The Great Guac Off

We use Understrap for most of our WordPress projects. We find it is a great starting point for just about any design.

It takes a lot of the initial setup of a theme out of the equation allowing us to start building sooner.

It is easy to customise to the needs of our clients as well as build our own custom sections that work well with the theme as it includes Bootstrap 4.

Air 66 Design Logo

David Robinson

Air 66 Design

I have been using Understrap for ages. It is my starting point for any wordpress site that requires a build not using an off-the-shelf theme.

Combining all the things that I have always used, and with beautifully simple and neat code, it is a pleasure to customise, and the sites that I make off the theme are always slick and fast.

I would be hard pressed to move to any other base theme for my company. I highly recommend it.

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Bruce Clothier Photo

Bruce Clothier

Arbor Digital

Understrap has changed the web game for me! I use understrap for nearly EVERY site I build. It has become a key part of my theme building process.

It is the perfect theme to build beautiful responsive sites. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Stop reading my review and get strapped!

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Zak Dietzen Photo

Zak Dietzen

Imagine This! Marketing Group

Understrap how become our go-to starter theme for all of our work. It’s saved us countless hours, and the performance is as good as WordPress can get.

There’s nothing bloating it. It’s also been a great learning experience for our juniors to work with and better understand WordPress and all the great tools that come with Understrap.

It’s as good as WordPress dev will get without completely restructuring the WordPress development process.

Matt Neal

Digital 8

I’ve been using Undertrap for many years now, it is my standard theme for all my WordPress projects, it’s fast and easy configurable!

Sliced Logo

Tuur Swimberghe


I have been using understrap to develop wordpress theme for personal uses. I must say having the gulp stream to minify files and create a distributed theme folder is one of the blessings that this project has brought for me.

It was the first theme I learned to develop custom wordpress themes with and so far have enjoyed a lot.

My next step would be to take part in the development process since working with this theme for over a year has given me a lot of insights.

Kshitij Bhatt

Kshitij Bhatt

Auroville Consulting

Understrap provides a fantastic starting point for theme development for WordPress.

Using the responsive Bootstrap 4 framework it allows for rapid theme creation using the latest techniques.

Recommended to our clients and used by us too!

Nutty About Hosting Logo

Chris Mortimer

Nutty About Hosting

Switching to Understrap has allowed us to expand our creativity like never before.

As a result, our developers love working with it just as much as our clients love their custom websites!

We’re truly grateful for how Understrap has improved our development process.

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Eric Liao

West Loop Media

We use Understrap for some internal projects, like documentation. It is a fast, light-weight theme that is easy to work with and looks great.

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Nick Gray

Museum Hack

Understrap is a brilliant starter theme with modern styling features that make up for a rewarding experience.

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Daan Tol

WP Lift

We’ve been using Understrap for years. It easily saves us 10 hours of work on custom web builds.

Clayton Johnson Photo

Clayton Johnson

The Guerrilla Agency

I’m obsessed with page speed optimization. Understrap is fast from the beginning, which makes it perfect for building out micro-sites and new projects.

Michael Alexis Photo

Michael Alexis


I’ve been building WordPress sites for years. When I discovered Understrap, the time it took me to develop custom sites & themes dramatically reduced.

It gives a developer/designer all the building blocks needed to quickly get a site up and running without restricting what they can do.

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Matt Smith


Understrap is the base of every theme I create from scratch. It saved me 40-60 hours per theme and I can convert any PSD design directly into Bootstrap 4.

Eagerly waiting for an Understrap Generator 😉

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Mobeen Abdullah Photo

Mobeen Abdullah


Using Understrap and a child theme we deployed our latest WordPress ecommerce (via WooCommerce) website within a few weeks, from literally nothing.

Combining Bootstrap + WP has made all our lives much less stressful.

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Understrap kicks ass. Our standard go-to on any new WordPress project we build.

Fonk Cape Town Logo


Fonk Cape Town

dronenr uses the Understrap theme as a starting point for our drone-related website.

The simplicity and use of Boostrap have allowed us to easily and efficiently get our website vision in writing.

dronenr Logo

Joshua Spires


Understrap is an amazing starter theme! I’ve used it on many projects, it’s got everything you need to start your project and it saves hours of development.

I highly recommend it!

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Lando Design

I have been using Understrap as a framework to build custom websites for my clients for over 3 years now. I love that it is built with Bootstrap and SASS.

Undoubtedly, Understrap has saved me hundreds of development hours. I have also experienced helpful direct support from Holger and his team.

I couldn’t be happier to continue using Understrap and would recommend it to everyone.

The Dogs Mohawk Logo

Whitney Woolstenhulme

The Dogs Mohawk

I am currently in the process of designing my new website. I wanted to use the WordPress CMS as well as Bootstrap 4.

Understrap is hands down the best way to do this. It has been so easy just copy and pasting my already coded pages into wordpress and have them appear exactly how I want them.

I would recommend understrap to all developer beginner and experienced!

Harvey Web Solutions Logo

Alfy J Harvey

Harvey Web Solutions

I’m using Understrap for a lot of my clients and It’s a Great Time-Saver.

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Misha Manko

Fiber Ninja

Having only just started designing and building with WordPress I’m now on my 3rd site using Understrap.

Unlike all those confounded ‘page builder’ plugins, Understrap allows me to get under the skin of the site.

I know the code that connects all the elements and feel more in control of the site-building process as a result.

Utter Logo

Keith Lauchlan

Utter Design

We use Understrap for nearly all the branded client websites we build. It’s proven itself to be versatile, simple-to-use and well made.

We’ve been designing and developing branded custom websites on WordPress since 2010 and gladly testify that Understrap is the best framework we’ve come across in that time.

Highly recommended for designers and frontend developers specializing in HTML and CSS.

Trasaterra Logo

Jason Paul


Understrap is the perfect starter theme for custom wordpress projects! It is super light, flexible and has bootstrap integrated.

On top of that it has also great documentation. I have used this framework many times and will continue using it.

Keep up the great work!

Albano Toska Logo


Albano Toska

We launched our site with Understrap. It was insanely quick to make a good looking and high performing site.

We used tools like GTmetrix and Pingdom (before adding further optimizations) and the scores were great.

Team Building Chicago Logo

Jeremy Cross

Team Building Chicago

I use Understrap in almost every website I develop and design. Early in my career, when I discovered Bootstrap immediately realized its potential, but saw that existed too many difficulties for implementing it in a WordPress CMS.

Understrap solved all that problems and gave me a great chance of learning new skills, improve my criteria of developing and get closer to the best practices of this job.

If you like WordPress and you like Bootstrap, you’ll like Understrap.

AcapillaTech Logo

David Gómez


The Understrap theme is a perfect foundation for optimised, fast loading web pages that work brilliantly for SEO.

Michael Bondzio Photo

Michael Bondzio


I’ve been using Understrap for years, both on personal sites and sites made for clients. Never been disappointed!

CatsWhoCode Logo

Jean-Baptiste Jung


I’ve been building Wordress websites for many years and have found Understrap to provide the ideal foundation on which to build my own bespoke WordPress themes.

I use a webapp generator which utilises Gulp as the taskrunner and Understrap fits into my Development process perfectly;

I can develop my SASS files on the fly and then Distribute my finished Theme for deployment to the server.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Understrap for WordPress theme development!


Jon White


Understrap has been the perfect theme for me as a developer, and an absolute pleasure to use for the past 4 years.

It is clean, fast, lightweight, and super easy to customize using Understrap’s child theme.

It is also ideal if you wish to organize your primary tookit of custom scripts, third-party dependencies, and plugins into a “base theme” to quickly get started on new projects every time.

Thank you Understrap!

Alex Burton Photo

Alexander Burton

Alexander Burton, LLC

Understrap is a clean, simple to use theme. I pair it with a page builder and I’m able to design complete sites in minutes.

Highly recommended as a foundation to build from.

Corey Maass Photo

Corey Maass

Gelform Inc

As a developer, I’ve been using Understrap for over a year now and its the only framework that I’ll use.

It has everything you need for a base framework, in an easily accessible setup, so why use anything else for custom wordpress development?

Aaron Robb Photo

Aaron Robb


I used Understrap for a recent client, and it helped me to get the site up and running quicker with less bloat compared to other starter themes.

I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a WordPress theme that is lean and easy to add any additional custom features to their site.

Waseem Girach Logo



Wanted to see how quick I could make wordpress / bootstrap

By using understrap as the base, turns out very quick

Gary Tallowin


Thank You ! We are always looking for the ‘best of the best ‘with modern styling of Bootstrap 4 that we can utilize for both html and wp development.

Donald L Mathis

Fort Wayne Consulting

Understrap is a solid, comprehensive, fully-featured base for your child theme.

I found it a delight to use and you aso get the benefit of all the excellent underscores and Bootstrap documentation.

Designs 4 The Web Cartoon Photo

Gus Campbell


Understrap has become the foundation for each and every site that I build.

Out of the box, I am able to start developing in minutes with a theme that is constantly being reviewed and updated to account for the changes in coding standards.

Prior to Understrap, I bounced around from framework to framework but once I found Understrap I stopped my search.

Designs 4 The Web Cartoon Photo

Mike Oberdick

Designs 4 The Web

I can change my HTML Bootstrap theme to the WordPress version quick and easily, thanks Understrap.

Ari Budin Photo

Ari Budin


Before discovering Understrap, I spent a lot of time loading bootstrap on my themes and always starting over.

Now I use it as a basis for anything, I work constantly with Woocommerce, WPML and Wc Maketplace, I am implementing templates for these plugins directly on Understrap and I have created a child of mine that I use as a basis for my Clients’ sites.

Understrap is truly excellent, a solid base to build on.

Matteo Ragusa Photo

Matteo Ragusa


I’ve used Understrap a lot of times for my clients who run big woocommerce stores. I definitively recommend it.

Tommy Bordas Photo

Tommy Bordas


Understrap allows me to start a new project very quickly, also working on the project goes ahead very quickly and intuitively.

Thanks to the technology I know (Bootstrap, Gulp, SASS and more) Understrap is the best basis for any front-end project.

Understrap saved me a lot of time and money. Keep it up!

Slawomir Kasprzak Photo

Slawomir Kasprzak


Before building out our custom job board, we setup a simple site using Understrap.

This effort took less than 10 minutes, and Understrap gave us a head start on SEO rankings with a well-coded and lightweight framework.

Library Jobs Logo

Ryan Vance

Library Jobs

Works brilliant for me – using clean, SEO optimised code. It allows me to scrape together a professional looking website relatively quickly. No problems as yet!

My Digital Midlands Logo

Paul Meggs

My Digital Midlands

I have been using the Understrap themes for almost 6 years now. It is one of the best base themes for WordPress around.

Super light weight, very flexible. I would HIGHLY recommend using it on your next project!

Brian Senesac Logo

Brian Senesac


I love Understrap. Because of the reason there is no easy way to create a Bootstrap website in WordPress. Thank you for this amazing gift!

Ahmad Karim Photo

Ahmad Karim


Understrap is incredible. Much of the tedious (or even advanced) parts of setting up the website are taken care of and I can just code.

While most themes limit you or force layouts/elements on you, Understrap gets out of your way and let’s you be creative.

It’s a blank canvas that I use to just focus on building the website. Great job, guys!

Matt B

I am using the Understrap theme for the last 2 years. I like the simplicity of the Understrap theme. It has a very basic structure and at the same time deep concepts of the bootstrap.

Bootstrap is the mostly required for developing a responsive website and Understrap provide that.

I suggested this theme to my other colleagues and friends also and they are also addicted to this now.

Harmandeep Singh Photo

Harmandeep Singh

Very good WordPress starter theme. SASS and Gulp ready.

Thank You!

Deividas Krupstas

Dk Web Solutions

I have been using Understrap for all the custom themes. Out of the box sass support and the pre-built templates with sidebars are amazing.

I really love the work you are doing. Please keep it up!

Waqas Hassan

Segen Tech

This is a very powerful, fast, flexible framework. The best I’ve worked with.

I like using SASS and bootstrap and these are integrated well in the framework and it makes for a nice workflow. It’s a huge time saver.


Using or Understrap is just amazing!

It speeds up the development process to a level that I have never worked on before!

David Amaral

We have been using understrap for the last years for any website that needed a custom theme.

It saves us a lot of time and serves us with a solid framework as a starting point.

Keep up the good work!

Tobias Vielmetter-Diekmann

Understrap is now my go-to starter theme for custom WordPress sites.

I gave page builders a try for rapid development, but trying to bend them into shape for custom sites can be frustrating. Because Understrap incorporates Bootstrap, you have all of Bootstrap’s components at your disposal and customization is way more flexible.

And best of all, having the build tools preconfigured means you can jump right in and start developing like a pro!

I highly recommend Understrap for your next WordPress project!

Brian Steele

As an agency, profitability is huge – but big bulky themes with slow load times don’t impress clients.

We’ve tackled both problems by getting a head start on every development project with Understrap.

We strongly suggest the framework if you want wow your clients with rapid development + superior load times.