Get Started with Understrap

Thanks for being a part of the Understrap community! We’re excited for you to get started with the world-renowned open-source framework for handcrafted WordPress theme development. Below, you’ll find links to three important starting points – the open source parent and child themes, as well as the Instant Understrap course, our official guide to building handcrafted sites with Understrap.

Understrap Parent Theme

Understrap combines the Underscores starter theme (by Automattic) and the mobile-first, responsive grid framework Bootstrap (by Twitter) into a perfect open source foundation for your next WordPress theme project.

Understrap Starter Child Theme

The basic Child Theme for the Understrap Theme Framework. Check out the readme for more information.

Instant Understrap

The only official guide to fast, handcrafted WordPress development with Understrap.


Understrap is actively maintained and supported by the professional web development team at Howard Development & Consulting. Reach out to us any time by submitting a support ticket. If you have a bug report or feature request, you can also post it as an Issue on GitHub.