Student Reviews – Innovating with AI Incubator

The Innovating with AI Incubator program combines an in-depth, always-up-to-date curriculum with a vibrant 24/7 community and hands-on live coaching from Rob Howard, our founder and lead instructor.

Rob is a 20-year tech veteran, startup founder, investor and software developer with academic and professional credentials from Dartmouth, IBM and Google.

Here’s what our students say about the Innovating with AI experience:

Erich Archer

Erich Archer in Massachusetts

Emmy Award-Winning Television Producer

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One of the best decisions I made in the last year

So these days, evaluating any professional development program requires careful consideration. Anything that takes time and money away from other things needs to provide a ton of value. And this program allowed me to cut through the noise, understand where my ideas fit in the big picture of AI, advance my ideas and network with some really amazing people.

The Demo Day opportunity was amazing. It put me in front of an engaged audience of AI enthusiasts, and I got fantastic feedback. And I had a lot of new LinkedIn friends afterward, and I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many new people all in pursuit of AI mastery.

Being able to connect directly with Rob is a huge bonus. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and can be an incredible sounding board for ideas.

The Slack community is a wonderful place to connect and engage with others, and I’ve met a bunch of fantastic people. I regularly recommend the Innovating with AI program. If you’re trying to navigate this new business landscape, this is a great place to start.

Sonja Sulcer

Sonja Sulcer in Washington, D.C.

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Great team, great content!

I joined Innovating with AI, and it has been so helpful! The weekly updates from Rob are packed with insights, and I am gaining deeper knowledge about AI. I am looking forward to future offers from Rob and team.

About Sonja…

  • Amazon Best-Selling Author
  • Stanford University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Manager
  • Cornell University Alumna

Date of experience: January 2023

“You helped me build a prototype to get funding…you really cared – about the student, their concerns, and the outcome.”

“I really enjoyed … the AI Business Model Matrix, which encouraged participants not just to create something with AI, but really lean into their own unique subject matter expertise.

I was really impressed that you responded to emails and Slack messages … it meant to me that you really cared … about the student, their concerns, and the outcome.

– Sonja S., Author

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Keanan Koppenhaver in Chicago

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The best way to quickly ramp up your AI knowledge

I felt like I was hearing about AI tools and advancements everywhere but had no idea how to learn about these things in more detail or get started with using these things myself.

However, when I found Innovating with AI, that all changed. The videos in the course walked me through each of the main AI tools on the market today, gave me background on how to use them and why they were useful and showed examples of what could be created.

After these videos, I went through the videos that helped you get an idea for an AI product and walked you through the steps to create it from scratch, whether you already knew how to write code or not!

I would take this course again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend it to anyone curious about AI. Don’t worry if you don’t have technical knowledge, you’ll have everything you need to succeed here.

About Keanan…

Date of experience: November 2023

“[Project] time [down] from 8 hours to 1 hour… and I’m not really an expert in AI or software or any of this stuff”

“I’m used to being an expert in some fields, and I’m really not an expert in AI or software or any of this stuff. To not get blocked by my lack of knowledge – I think that’s probably the biggest change.

You can zoom out or zoom in, in ways that become truly useful. There’s a relationship with [Rob], with the other people in the group.”

– Jessica B., Clinical Neuropsychologist

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Matt Farr in London

50 new Beta testers for my AI idea

I definitely recommend the program to anyone that is looking to get involved with AI because, obviously, you can spend a lot of money and a lot of time on something like this. And the beauty of this program is with relatively little money and minimal time, you can actually test your idea very simply and know whether it’s actually got any real potential – and that’s certainly what it’s done for me.

 One of the biggest and most beneficial parts of the program I found was actually the Demo Day. It served me in so many different ways, really powerfully. One is, it gave me a deadline, gave me something to work to that I knew I needed to get things ready for, and that really provided a lot of strong motivation for me to work and be, very meticulous and focused in that work to get things ready, which probably would have dragged on for a lot longer than it did.

So it definitely kept me focused both during the Demo Day and actually in the days after because of, some of the opportunities I saw that might be coming my way through the Demo Day. So that was like amazing kind of thing that was available in the course that was, I didn’t expect to be so valuable.

But also the other amazing thing from that is, I actually ended up with about 50 people, in fact over 50 people now, who’ve participated in the beta program for the Intwelligence platform that I’m developing, which is all about hyper-personalized wellness programs, and yeah, I would have had to do it another way, obviously, but, that’s 50 people that I didn’t really have to do anything for, any work for to get involved and help me in developing this further with the beta testing.

About Matt…

  • Health & Wellness Professional
  • Author of Immune System Health, published by an imprint of Simon & Schuster

“This would have taken me six months [without the] Incubator Demo Day [deadline]”

The private mentorship was fantastic because it meant that I had to hone down my idea … Narrow it down to something that actually worked. You can’t write a thesis, you can’t do an app, that’s too broad.

This would no question have taken me six months if I didn’t have Demo Day. So, both working with Rob and having Demo Day coming up made this happen, and now I have a workable app … that never in a million years would have happened had I not done the Incubator.

I got a great education. I have transferable skills. I now have a community. We’re all very engaged in this space. We’ve got resources that we can share.”

– Laura D., Psychiatrist

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Karl Lautman in Los Angeles

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Innovating with AI is the real deal

Innovating with AI really opened my eyes to the vast and growing opportunities for developing new businesses (as well as enhancing existing ones) using AI tools, both for the technically proficient and others. You can come to this course knowing nothing about AI, and come out the other end not only knowing more about the field than 99% of everyone you know, but armed with practical knowledge you can use to build real tools immediately. 10/10, highly recommend.

About Karl…

  • Clients: Oracle, Motorola, Autodesk, Nvidia
  • Early Intel Employee
  • Stanford University Alumnus
  • University of Chicago Alumnus

Date of experience: December 2023

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Juanjo Gaspar in Madrid

That little idea that was bouncing around during your workshop has come to life

Hi Rob – Remember that workshop you ran on finding your breakthrough AI idea? Well, it turns out that it sparked some serious creativity here at the studio. As a result, and after some months of development, we’ve just rolled out our AI Talk for WordPress plugin. Yep, that little idea that was bouncing around during your workshop has come to life!

So I just had to say thank you for that workshop – it was really inspiring. Thanks again for lighting that spark!

Date of experience: November 2023

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Glen McNiel in Thailand

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Shortened my learning curve

Even though I have been keeping up with AI for years, the rate of change in the industry took off after ChatGPT hit the scene in Nov 2022 and it felt like whiplash. Innovating with AI helped me get clear on the use cases for my business, how to think about tech vendors vs. internal team members, and where to invest our time and resources.

Great course. Great community. Saved me a ton of time and helped me avoid mistakes.

Date of experience: July 2023

Demo Day – See what our students built!

In December, more than 390 people joined us to watch the live Demo Day event, where we showcased six products created by Innovating with AI students. These students and the products and processes have now been shared with our entire audience of 75k+ AI enthusiasts!

Key Moments:

  • 00:00 – AskWP from Keanan, a new plugin that tells you anything you want to know about your WordPress site with natural language.
  • 18:55 – Erich shows how he uses Custom GPTs to generate new TV show ideas that he can pitch to big studios, so he can go from four pitches a year to dozens.
  • 35:05 – Jose demos Productivitree, a no-code tool to improve prioritization, focus and project management.
  • 54:18 – Matt shows Intwelligence, his new personalized wellness program, and how he’s using AI to create reports and recommendations in a few minutes instead of 10+ hours per client. 
  • 1:08:07 – Karl shows Nakkara, the new tool that turns AI images into real-life, 3D printed objects, paints them, and mails them to you! My son and I are ordering one this weekend 🙂 
  • 1:23:57 – Yane and Simon show 1Blosm, their new AI childcare assistant that complements their software business, 1Core, which serves childcare centers around the country.