Coupons & Discounts for Innovating with AI

Thanks for your interest in Innovating with AI! We’re devoted to helping you level up your AI expertise with our courses, community and coaching programs.

We have a few standing discount opportunities, and we periodically offer discounts to leaners who’ve signed up for one of our program waitlists.

Students, Educators and United States Military Discount

We offer a standing 10% discount to customers who fit into any of the following categories:

  • You are a student at an accredited K-12 institution or university.
  • You are an employee at an accredited K-12 institution or university.
  • You are active-duty or retired United States military.

To get your discount, please email us at [email protected] and provide a photo of a relevant ID or other relevant documentation showing that you’re eligible for this discount.

Early-Bird and Webinar Discounts

From time to time, we offer early-bird discounts to customers that join our waitlist prior to the opening of a new cohort of one of our programs. If you join the waitlist before January 24, you’ll get a discount code via email for the upcoming release of our Innovating with AI Incubator program. (This discount will expire on January 26.)

We also offer discounts for attendees of many of our webinars – so if you see an invitation to a live webinar, be sure to join and stay ’til the end to get your coupon code!

Not Eligible? Try this…

If you’re not eligible for any of the discounts above, we’d still love to buy you a proverbial coffee just for taking the time to learn more about Innovating with AI.

Use the code COFFEE at checkout to get $10 off any Innovating with AI purchase 🙂

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The best way to quickly ramp up your AI knowledge

I felt like I was hearing about AI tools and advancements everywhere but had no idea how to learn about these things in more detail or get started with using these things myself.

However, when I found Innovating with AI, that all changed. The videos in the course walked me through each of the main AI tools on the market today, gave me background on how to use them and why they were useful and showed examples of what could be created.

After these videos, I went through the videos that helped you get an idea for an AI product and walked you through the steps to create it from scratch, whether you already knew how to write code or not!

I would take this course again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend it to anyone curious about AI. Don’t worry if you don’t have technical knowledge, you’ll have everything you need to succeed here.

Date of experience: November 1, 2023